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4.  We believe that “All scripture is given by inspiration of God and is

profitable (1) for doctrine, (2) for reproof, (3) for correction, (4) instruction in righteousness,” and that scripture has been preserved for us in the Authorized King James Bible (2 Timothy 3:16; Psalm 12:6-7).  At “Northern Light” you will learn everything in plain English, easy to be understood, and with the assurance that scripture will be the final authority on all matters of faith and practice.

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AboutNorthern Light Church  – visit our page and our Church; find the truth and not the diluted truth that is presented widely everywhere. Be saved!

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The Uffizi

Now, you really have to make it there to know. What a world wonder this place is; a huge collection on sculpture from the most famous sculptors and artists.  The Uffizi.

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THE SALT MOUNTAIN FROM SLANIC (B&W SERIES) / Muntele de sare de la Slanic (seria in alb si negru)

Excellent pictures, what a wonderful place!

THE SALT MOUNTAIN FROM SLANIC (B&W SERIES) / Muntele de sare de la Slanic (seria in alb si negru).

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Wright Building Conservancy: Keep Future Trains Away From Dana-Thomas House

Wright Building Conservancy: Keep Future Trains Away From Dana-Thomas House.

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Gorgeous salvage finds are now showing up in mainstream stores

Great piece; thank you to Jtaylorid for the post Gorgeous salvage finds are now showing up in mainstream stores.

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House on the Rock – on the docket

House on the Rock – on the docket.

Wisconsin trails knows the best!

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A bridge we have to let go!

The old bridge, the green bridge – that has to go….

this weekend?

we hoped we’ll have it there…as a reminder,…

The Bridge

You see this steel mass
transforming to greet us
it’s The Bridge that will carry
hundreds and thousands for years to come…

The Symbol of Freedom
the way to connect
a sense of community, before the era of the Internet

Now people meet in Cyber space
before we had to walk,..
whatever distance we must,
we had the bridge to cross and all connect…
for coffee or just fun!

The Symbol Of Freedom…
frees our way to reach our destination
and, hopefully, – we came to realization
that The Bridge is at our service
and never complaints,
in hot summers or dreary winter days,…
it never moves to give us up
it never shakes to sharp, brisk winds…
just quietly, fulfilling this greater duty of all
it’s there for us, for ever – we thought,…
To carry us to our destination
to know that we live fully our lives,..
with smile and sun, and every day
awaiting yet on us…again and again

“I’m on vacation, I do what I want,
The Bridge is taking me over
where I want to explore…”

…and here yet we have to watch the end of it
the great distraction,
that steals emotions…
A Bridge that stood there for us,
a friend, companion, that small part of a chain…
we have to let go, and say our goodbyes
and open our arm for the unknown…
The newer one…

THERE IS Another ONE standing next to the old…
we have to trust it now, forever, again and again
So long, goodbye, farewell…
to our Spring Green – green Bridge
a landmark and an unforgettable friend…
Farewell, and thank you for all the happy times.

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Fall in Spring Green

Each morning can bring different surprises to any of us!

Some morning are foggy, humid and dump; others can be as bright, warm and memorable with colors and birds singing their last song, getting ready for their departure – heading South,…and then is the winds and the sound that can make you humming an old song from forgotten times…

This is the 3rd season of Fall I am spending in the River Valley, in Spring Green WI …The people are nice, the weather can be controversial…

It started earlier this year…with foggy morning – even in August;  at least then was warmer; mid September was quite all right! Then, everything happened quickly, so trees colors changed and nights are cold, day time you want to enjoy as much the sun, the breeze, the scenery.

I just love life here!

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Life As Is

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